Natural Pain Relief With Acupressure

Eastern medicine states that the root of all health problems (physical, mental & emotional) can be traced back to energy blockages in our meridian system. Energy blockages can be a result of many external influences such as poor diet, un-natural irritants, chemicals and pollutants.

When our meridian system is blocked or congested, it means that one or more of our meridians isn't resonating at its optimum natural frequency.

The meridian system is best described as a network of energy lines. Each meridian line is dotted with energy points called acupoints. Acupoints are like natural reset buttons for blocked energy and can be stimulated in a number of ways.

How To Stimulate Acupoints?

Acupuncture uses needles, Acupressure uses finger pressure, Electro-Acupuncture uses electricity, and Acu-Acoustic treatment uses Bio-frequencies.

Pain and disease results from external and internal imbalances. Whether it's an external imbalance such as an accident, lifestyle choices, exposure to chemicals or radiation, or an internal imbalance such as negative thoughts or bottled up emotions.

Most chronic pain and ailments can be healed by restoring energy imbalances within your meridian system via pressure points (acupoints). The World Health Organization has cited over 100 different ailments for which acupuncture and acupressure is proven to be highly effective:

Relief ranging from:

Most people have heard of the miraculous effects of acupuncture but many are not aware of acu-pressure. This ancient healing art is based on the same principles as acupuncture, but instead of sharp needles, manual finger pressure is applied.

When acupressure treatment was first developed, they did not have the technology we have today to make needles. Instead, they used their fingers, bones or stones to apply pressure to specific pressure points. These pressure points (acupoints) release blocked energy. This is the cornerstone of acupressure and acupuncture.

By stimulating specific acupoints, a burst of energy will restore the circulation of a blocked meridian. This restores balance and harmony, which accelerates the healing process.

You have probably heard of the concept of entrainment before but not the name of it. The healing properties of bio-frequencies are based on the science of entrainment. A basic definition of entrainment is when a stronger rhythm, causes another rhythm to vibrate in harmony with it.

By using the science of Entrainment, you can use frequencies to restore your meridian system back to its natural state.

It's a law of Physics. When two objects are entrained with each other, they expend less energy. On an atomic level, everything vibrates at different frequencies, including our biological rhythms.

– Which is why our body will entrain to a new time-zone after a long flight.
– Our heart rate and brain waves will entrain to a hectic or a quiet environment.
– Our hormonal cycles entrain with phases of the Moon
- Female roommates menstrual cycles become entrained to the same week of the month
– Even our mood is susceptible to entrainment – which is why most people don't like to be around a negative person.

Unfortunately, our body can be entrained to foreign frequencies too. Electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) is found almost everywhere, and disrupts our natural energy flow, also causing energy blockages within our meridian systems. Using the correct bio-frequency can synchronize a blocked meridian back to its natural free-flowing state.

It's extremely powerful, but since most people don't understand the science of entrainment, it hasn't caught on the way acupuncture has. You can expect fantastic results with either of these acu-therapies; acupressure or acu-acoustics by itself.

It turns into a holistic experience if you have some quiet time for deep relaxation where you can apply both practices together, and because you can do it by yourself at home you don't need to spend countless hours (and thousands of dollars) on an acupuncturist.

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